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Trollers Strollers 3

Trollers Strollers

Digital Art, Illustration, Character Design

Troll /trɒl,trəʊl/ verb sing (something) in a happy and carefree way. “he trolled a note or two”

Stroll /strəʊl/ noun a short leisurely walk. “we took a stroll in the garden” synonyms: saunter, amble, wander, walk, turn, promenade, airing, breather. 

Trollers Strollers as a series is a platform for me to play around, quite literally, without thinking of purpose or meaning, within the context of ‘playfulness’, or ‘cutesy’, perhaps emphasizing on cute characters, interactions, and little stories.

Trollers Strollers 1

Trollers Strollers 2

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Fox dear fox, what game has you

Trollers Strollers 4