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To explore art beyond the limitations of syntax – the expression of subtle impressions through the application of lines, values, colours, and the delicate chemistry that binds them.




Jiwosophy is the body of work of aspiring Malaysian-based artist/illustrator, Shahril Majid, also known by his artist handle, Jiwo. His art is a potpourri of peculiar characters, whimsical colour combinations, organic abstract shapes and eccentric philosophies.

He started his art journey being inspired by cartoons and comics; anime being a huge influence back in the day. Now he treats his art-process as an imaginary playground – as he described – a ‘conversation with his subconscious mind’. 


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Everyone who collected these 2 pieces I wanna thank u guys , appreciate it , 👀🖤🖤, your support means a lot!!

Only be available on secondary

Outcast 011 - 99.98 tez
Where am I ? - 15 tez

yo! check out my first NFT on @withFND! 🌐

"Fox" 🦊
3200 x 3400 px MP4

shoutout to @Loredangoo for the invitation 🥲

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My art and bid button didn’t show up since minting but it’s ✨LIVE✨now. Thank you FND, they fixed the issue really quickly!

“Night of the Black Moon”

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