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Sine Qua Non 2.15 (Experiplay+)

3D Sculpt, Surrealism

Been thinking a lot about the idea of play as a form of recreation (recreation of self and its extension – relationships/family/community/society so on and so forth). I imagine as we advance forward education and play will go hand in hand quite closely. The spirit of experimentation is an essential part of ‘learning’ after all.

The current form of civilization is more concerned about horizontal growth, chasing over perpetual economic growth, but in general neglecting vertical growth. In the future we should be playing more, exploring more, kids shall be playing with more complex and meaningful mediums (to a certain extend this is already true in at least some portion of advanced societies).

Kids are taught about abstract, conceptual and practical tools that made the plays more meaningful and impactful.

As a child grew in his faculties, the play should evolve, not disappear. Pioneers ‘plays’ a whole lot; experimenting all the time with new ideas and tools. And these exploration leads to new discoveries, which in time becomes the future’s standard.