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Cover Illustration

Religion, Stigma and Criminalisation: The Challenges Facing Suicide Prevention in Brunei

Digital Art, Editorial Illustration

Earlier this year in July,
New Naratif commissioned me to illustrate for Matthew Woolfe’s article regarding the criminalization of suicide in Brunei.
For this project I just started painting very randomly as I usually do and after the first sketch, I started having more concrete ideas appearing in my mind and then proceeded to pinpoint on those. Generally the impression I started getting was that the contrast between reddish light and dark blue ambient really capture the ‘claustrophobic’ nature of being mentally ill. The ‘eyes’ represents the stigma of the public against victims. The blood, well, speaks for itself.
Frankly I might still pick some of these sketches up and finish them whenever I can.
PS – Please consider to support NewNaratif and their body of work. They do some eye-opening and much needed empowering journalism covering the South-east Asia region.
Link to article.

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