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Cover Illustration

“We’re Asking for Fairness” – The Long Fight Against Racism in Brunei

Digital Art, Editorial Illustration

Apparently Matthew Woolfe personally requested for me to illustrate for his next article with New Naratif regarding the social circumstances in Brunei, this time discussing the long-standing issue of racism.
This time around I had clear goals with the concept, wanting to use Brunei’s national flag as the core concept for the illustrations. So I begin sketching with at least the color direction clearly decided.
I really liked the idea of using the stripes to represent the majority/minority races. Played with the idea and come with one I really like with a person painting the black stripe white as a metaphor for racial oppression. I also wanted to add in details from the coat of arms into the design, we end up settling down with the more subtle treatment of using the ‘red gloves’ in these illustrations.
Glad Charis Loke (editor) agreed with the idea.
PS – Please consider to support NewNaratif and their body of work. They do some eye-opening and much needed empowering journalism covering the South-east Asia region.
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