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Breathe (A Child’s Dream)

Digital Art, Experimental Surrealism, Nature

Let the world be molded in tune to the child’s pure dream,
And may it be a brighter, kinder world.

Nature is one of my absolute fascinations. Unfortunately for various reasons, I have not yet satisfactorily indulge in this fascination of mine.

I wanted the Breathe series to be a narrative outlet for the relationship between man and (mother)nature. 

Breathe (Pathway to Pandora’s)

Digital Art, Experimental Surrealism, Nature

Older piece, which was originally done on paper with a cheap gel pen. Scanned, then brought over to illustrator when I had this one tshirt collaboration project going back then. That didn’t go ahead as planned, so I reused the design for myself.

Mother Nature ft. The Forest Sprites