To explore art beyond the limitations of syntax – the expression of subtle impressions through the application of lines, values, colours, and the delicate chemistry that binds them.


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Jiwosophy is the body of work of aspiring Malaysian-based artist/illustrator, Shahril Majid, also known by his artist handle, Jiwo.

His body of work mainly revolves around surrealistic art based on his peculiar philosophy, and unique aesthetic sense. 

He has also recently started to delve back into his old love – making comics.



Sine Qua Non 3.1 (Orchestrated Oscillations)
Breathe Series
Koyuki Series
Sine Qua Non 3.0 (Conducting Curious Cosmic Constructs)
Sine Qua Non 2.0 (Kingdom of Playful Nascency)
Trollers Strollers
Mother (Causa Sui)
Religion, Stigma and Criminalisation: The Challenges Facing Suicide Prevention in Brunei
Heritage Series
Sine Qua Non 3.2 (Magnanimous Magnetic Mavericks)
“We’re Asking for Fairness” – The Long Fight Against Racism in Brunei
Circle of Life (and Death)


Selangor, Malaysia
+60 12 5656 189